培训可以在线完成,也可以在校园内完成 and is required before you register for classes. It will help you prepare for your first semester by explaining the steps to enroll and providing an overview of 赌钱app可以微信提现 technology and resources available to help you succeed. 一旦你完成了定位, we recommend you schedule a meeting with a Counselor for help selecting the classes that are right for you.


We recommend completing the orientation no earlier than one to two months before enrollment opens for your semester.

  • 在夏季或秋季开始上课?
    注册一个从 3月.
  • 春季开学?
    注册一个从 9月.




The online orientation is comprised of a series of videos and allows you to complete the orientation at your own pace, 一天中的任何时间. 根据需要开始、停止和重看视频. 点击这里 to watch the orientation videos and complete the required Pathways Survey.

家里不要有电脑? 在线培训可以在智能手机上完成. Computers are also available at 赌钱app可以微信提现 in the 学生成功中心, located on the 2nd 学生中心的一层.


The on-campus orientation is a live presentation and offers the opportunity to ask questions and get real-time answers. 需要进行会话注册. 使用下面的日历来选择你的课程.

想和其他新同学交流? 鉴于本届会议所涉及的信息量, there are limited opportunities to engage with other students in this live presentation. Instead, after you have completed orientation and registered for classes, 参加Cav连接. This free event is offered just before the start of the Fall and Spring semesters and provides an opportunity for you to get to know other new students while learning skills that will help you be successful in your first semester and beyond. An invitation to this event will be sent to your student email in the weeks leading up to the Fall or Spring semester.


如果你不是美国人.S. 公民,请访问 国际和移民学生服务 了解更多信息.


If you have 新生迎新 listed as an incomplete item on your Personal Admission Plan in your My赌钱app可以微信提现 account, 你需要完成定向. Your personal admission plan will disappear when all items have been completed. If you are unsure, visit the Student Development Specialists in person (SC, 2nd 或致电913-469-3803.

如果你的个人入学计划中没有新生介绍, 这不是必须的, 但你可能会觉得有帮助,欢迎你来参加.

No; you need a student ID number and your My赌钱app可以微信提现 login information to attend 新生迎新. 申请入读赌钱app可以微信提现.


You may be able to bring a guest to the 校内住宿指导, but it’s not guaranteed. 房间最多可容纳20人. Priority is given to students registered for the event, including walk-in registrants. Guests may be asked to wait outside the room through the duration of the event.
注册现场校园迎新活动, use the calendar link on this orientation webpage to reserve your spot. 网上培训不需要注册.

After you register, check your stumail for the confirmation email from libapps@bucketlink2.net. 如果你在收件箱中没有看到它,检查你的垃圾邮件文件夹. 如果你还是看不到,那就用你的邮箱发邮件吧 success@bucketlink2.net 请求确认.

Session days and times for the 校内住宿指导 are listed in the calendar on this webpage. 在线培训每天24小时按需提供.
Registration for the 校内住宿指导 opens one week before a particular session is scheduled to begin.

Walk-ins are welcome for on-campus 新生迎新 up until the session is scheduled to begin, 空间允许. 如果你迟到超过10分钟, 我们要求你注册一个不同的培训课程.

  • 校内住宿: 一般在培训结束后1小时内.
  • 在线定位: within 1 business day (not including weekends or holidays when campus is closed).

Come prepared with your 赌钱app可以微信提现 student ID number, 赌钱app可以微信提现 username and password, and a photo ID. 虽然这不是必须的, you may also bring an internet-capable device to log into your My赌钱app可以微信提现 (phone or laptop). You are welcome to bring a personal laptop and can connect to the 赌钱app可以微信提现 Wi-Fi.

您可以通过以下方式之一找到您的赌钱app可以微信提现 ID号:

  • Check your personal email account for your acceptance email (this email can sometimes be found in your junk folder).
  • 拨打技术支持中心913-469-8500,分机. 4357.
  • 带着你带照片的身份证到学生发展专家处nd 学生中心的一层.


Time and location details are included in the confirmation email you receive in your stumail account immediately after registering for a live On-Campus Orientation. 如果找不到,就发邮件 success@bucketlink2.net 查询详情.

You’ll find the link to cancel a registration in the confirmation email (sent immediately after you registered) as well as the reminder email (sent one hour before your orientation is scheduled to begin).


目前不提供任何其他语言版本的NSO. If you are concerned about comprehending all information in a setting where English is spoken at a conversational pace, 我们建议您选择在线培训视频, 因为你可以按照自己的节奏看视频, 暂停并重新观看.

To arrange for sign language interpretation or any accommodation, contact 访问服务 至少在你预定的培训前48小时.

No. 所有的迎新选项都是免费的.

There are computers available for your use in the 学生成功中心. For assistance, contact a Student Development Specialist at the front desks in the Student Center, 2nd 地板上.

不,但你将学习如何准备报名参加课程. Topics covered in 新生迎新 include: how to become fully admitted to 赌钱app可以微信提现 (Personal Admission Plan), 如何为入学(分班考试)做好准备, 咨询), 校园安全, 支持服务和校园参与. 如果培训在这些部门关门前结束, 你可以和赌钱app可以微信提现的辅导员一起选择课程, and the Student Development Specialists can provide instruction for how to navigate the enrollment portal.